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We offer a wide variety of landscaping services for your home or business. Let the experts at Lavalette Landscaping help you design your next landscaping project.

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There are many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are tumbled brick which have a rustic New England flavor, or regular four by eight inch standard brick for a more formal look. As you look through the pictures, you can see how each walkway, patio, or driveway is unique. By using bricks of different colors, shapes, sizes, and texture they can be incorporated into designs to suit the customer's needs and desires.

Lavalette Landscaping Brickwork


Lavalette Landscaping offers a dry balance fertilizer program to maintain and enhance your lawn. All of our products are slow release fertilizers that feed your lawn over time. This helps to create a strong and healthy root system to keep your grass green, and gives it the ability to bounce back after periods of stress. We are properly licensed by the state of Connecticut reg. # B-1327

We are members of The Connecticut Groundskeeper association

Our standard program consists of four applications. This program can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Lavalette Landscaping Ponds

Water Gardens

A beautiful way to enhance your property.

In our opinion nothing is more interesting or intriguing than adding a water feature to your landscape. The sound of the running water, the array of different birds that visit, and the variety of fish that can be incorporated into the pond all help to add interest into the landscape. The water feature is a mini eco system that is ever changing. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, the water garden has something to offer from each season.

These ponds are surprisingly low maintenance, and they will add color, texture, and tranquility into your landscape. The creation of a water feature is exciting for us as installers because of the unlimited possibilities, the opportunity to be creative, and the exciting way each pond evolves through the construction process into something unique for each customer.

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